Our Therapeutic Approach to Success

Longdon Park School - Our Therapeutic Approach to Success

Find out more about Longdon Park School’s therapeutic approach to success.

Our Therapeutic Approach to Success

Longdon Park School provides an Ofsted Outstanding education through its therapeutic approach and initiatives.

Find out what this unique therapeutic approach works so successfully for children with high functioning ASD.

Our Staff

Meet some of the staff who deliver an outstanding education to children at Longdon Park School.

Find out why they’re achieving such extraordinary success for pupils who have ‘failed’ at mainstream schools.

Dan's Story

Dan’s Mum tells how her family’s life has been transformed by his arrival at Longdon Park School.

She had to give up work to look after her son, and admits that before Longdon Park, the ten year old had been out of school more than he was in it. Dan has a diagnosis of ASD with anxiety issues and ADHD traits.

Sam's Story

Sam has autism and ADHD.

At the age of eight, he had been asked to leave three mainstream schools, and had been out of education completely for a year. His Mum takes up the story of what happened to Sam and the rest of his family, when he was given a place at Longdon Park School….

Callum's Story

Callum had been out of education for two years before he came to Longdon Park School, and his parents had been advised that Callum would never achieve academically.

In a dramatic turnaround, and with an individual, therapeutic approach to his education, Callum is now planning his GCSEs and hopes to go on to university. HIs Dad takes up the story….