Our Magna trip

I went to Magna to learn about science with Sarah on Monday. Magna is a massive place and we needed the satnav to find it. Magna is an old steel place which has turned into a fun place to learn about fire, air, earth and water.

I learnt about air, water, fire and earth. I learnt about air waves with the big fans which blow your mind. This was my favourite bit.

I saw a room which has electric bolts across the ceiling, it made a loud cracking sound that made Sarah jump. I saw a fire tornado that looked sick! I played with the water cannons in the water pavilion.

My favourite pavilion was the water area because of the water cannon but I liked all of the areas.

I think people would like it if they like old things, playing and exploring new things.

Magna is a great place and I would like to go again.

By Simon Simcox